Effect of Martensite Percentage to Hardness Properties (AISI 4140)

Last week, my team join a metallography contest. This competition held by Indonesian Student Society of Metallurgicals and Materials Engineering and this compt about metallography of AISI 4140 which assessed is good picture, right treatment, and good presentation. My team treated this metal with quenching agitation and normal quenching. Water as media. Agitation with mixed that water. My team want study about quench variation to hardness properties.

Reality, my team loose if compared with other team in picture. Just use nital as etch, while the others used picral or something reagents. So their picture have full colour mainly in grain boundries. But, the other team have low analysis and bad presentation. Otherwise, my team have a good analysis and good presentation. Why must I did a agitation? Because I want to explore percentage of martensite. What that effect to hardness properties? You can see this picture.Untitled-1Very happy because this big experience for us, the Juries said same with my statement. Extraordinary people not always win the champion, just need big impact in environment.


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